Winter is the Best Time to Enjoy Next Summer

patioBar-be-ques. Sun bathing. Hot tub. Dancing under the stars.

It doesn’t matter why you want to fix up your patio, you just know that you want to. Most of these activities are better enjoyed during the summer. This means that the Winter is the best time to get your new patio started. Take a look at what our friends at HGTV have to say about how to get started. Then give us a call at Southland Home Remodeling and we will help you get a better patio than you ever thought you could ever have!

Planning a Patio




A patio is much more than a paved area adjoining a house for outdoor dining or lounging. It expands your living space by opening up your home to the outdoors.

For a small home, a patio is a great place to host a party that would otherwise be cramped inside your house. It’s a place for the kids to play and a place to grow containers full of colorful flowers or edibles like herbs and vegetables. A patio is also a retreat from indoors allowing you to take in nature unencumbered by walls and a ceiling.

The key to enjoying your new outdoor space is to make it as stylish and comfortable as the inside of your home. Furnish it with a spacious dining table, a place for cooking and a relaxing seating area.

Personalize it with plants, weatherproof accessories and you’ll find yourself visiting your outdoor room just as much as any other room in your house.

Key Variables to Address When Patio Planning

  • Size of the backyard
  • Orientation of sunlight
  • Connection and location of the patio to your home
  • Homeowner’s lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Condition of the backyard